When traveling in an RV, one of the “not-so-nice” things you have to deal with is the waste water system consisting of “black” and “grey” tanks.

“Black” water is from the toilets while “Grey” is from sinks and showers.

Both need “Toilet” chemical treatment every time after you “dump” the tanks.

Be sure to dump the “black” water tank first, close the drain and dump the “grey” tank. This allows the grey to flush out any lingering black water. I always shake and drain the hose between dumps. Be sure to have a check list to confirm you closed both drains when finished.

Nice, if you are pulling out to travel for the day, add 2 bags of ice to the toilet drain, then your chemicals. As you are moving, the ice sloshes in the mostly empty tank, helping to clean the inside walls from black water buildup.

This is not a substitute for the occasional flushing of the black water tank but it sure helps.

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